I don’t need to tell you that, in order to be more, do more and achieve more, you need to take ownership of your choices. You already know that. 

Being accountable for your own progress means choosing to take responsibility for the actions you take on a daily basis. It also means asking for and accepting help, when you need to. 

But it’s also not about beating yourself up if you fall off the bandwagon (or being berated by your trainer or mentor, for that matter). 

If things go wrong – which they undoubtedly will at some point during your health and fitness journey! – you should use the opportunity to work out what sent you off track, why it had this impact on you, and how you could overcome a similar obstacle in the future. 

You must explore whether it was truly outside influences that led you to make a poor choice, or whether it was actually something within your mindset, or a temporary reversion to old habits, that led to the situation you find yourself in. 

The question is, are you ready to take yourself out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to admit that it could be you who’s holding you back?  

Making positive changes takes guts. And implementing new habits seems simple, but is never easy. As with learning a new skill, it takes time for these better habits to become second nature – and the process of changing your behaviour and optimising your mindset can be confronting, not to mention uncomfortable. 

As you begin to emerge out of a comfortable space and into unfamiliar territory, you’ll hear a tiny voice on your shoulder, whispering in your ear that it’s all too hard; that you should give up and go back to the way you were. 

This little speaker from within will use any reason or excuse to justify your bad habits and blame your bad decisions on others. It will try with all its might to convince you that you can’t do what’s required of you, so you should just quit while you’re ahead. In some cases, it might even tell you you’re not worthy of change. (Low self-esteem can really start to eat away at your resolve, which is why it’s something I always address on my 28 Day Accelerator Programme, my Drop a Dress Size Challenge and my longer term mentorship programmes.) 

The key to success is to not let this voice stop you from pushing forwards and becoming a better version of yourself. 

Work with me, and I’ll help you understand your worth, assign higher to value your goals and silence your self-doubt. I just need you to be ready to be held accountable for your progress – even when it means facing up to your vulnerabilities and confronting unhelpful habits! 

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