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I’m Ashley, and I work with people who, like you, are ready to be better.

You’ve created a successful business. You’re a classic high achiever. But you’ve got to where you are by sacrificing your health, your body, and your relationships; perhaps even your relationship with yourself.

Now, you recognise that you need to shift the focus back to yourself if you are going to stay at the top of your game. You need to work with a health and performance coach who can diagnose what’s holding you back, then suggest effective strategies that will help you optimise your health, improve your fitness and transform your mindset in a fast yet sustainable way.

You know you won’t benefit from partnering from a trainer who will put you through your paces, then disengage from your journey the moment you leave the studio. You need a performance mentor who will be on hand to help you transform every aspect of your life – the kind of coach who will always be at the end of the phone, even when (and especially when) the bumps in the road seem insurmountable.

You are willing to place your trust in new knowledge and methods. But crucially, you also now understand that true change can only come from within – and that you, and only you, are accountable for making this change happen.



Enhance your energy levels, transform your habits and live a happier, more productive life with my tried-and-tested men’s health and performance mentoring programme





Rediscover your best ‘you’. I can help you lose weight, improve your fitness levels and tap into the confidence to do more, be more and achieve more.




My Philosophy

It’s no secret that small actions can lead to big transformations. But sometimes – even though we know what’s good for us – we sink into poor habits, telling ourselves we don’t have the time or the knowledge to change our ways, and convincing ourselves that this is our new normal, even though it’s not a happy or fulfilled one.

My approach is simple: I’ll give you the tools and insights you need to make straightforward, sustainable changes to your routine that raise your standards and enable you to live your days to the fullest.

I do this by following the mantra Be Fit, Be Well, Be Better.

Be Fit

Fitness is less about race times and weight reps, and more about having the energy in abundance to achieve your daily goals - whatever they may be. It’s also about looking your physical best. Because when you take pride in your appearance, you’ll have the confidence to live and work more effectively, and you’ll set a brilliant example to those around you.

Be Well

When you have a strong mindset, you can cope more easily with any situation life throws at you. And when you actively cultivate a powerful immune system, you can fight off illness and bounce back from fatigue much faster. Resilience is the key to living well, and it’s something you can work on every day, if you know how.

Be Better

Every day affords you the opportunity to be better than yesterday. You can choose to plateau – to delay improvements to your health, your relationships and your work by listening to that destructive inner critic – or you can decide to become the kind of person your family, friends and peers admire; the kind of business leader who energises and inspires their teams.


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Lose up to 3kg of unwanted body fat in just three weeks and emerge with more energy, better habits, and the skills you need to take back control of your mental and physical health.




Who do I work with?

As a peak performance coach, I work with men and women like you who want to enjoy a healthier, fitter, better life.

Perhaps you’re frequently feeling tired, sluggish, and like you’re not making the most of your time. Maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds and you’re unhappy with the way you look. But do you know why this is happening? Do you know why you’ve found yourself stuck in the rut you’re in?

It’s my job to find out what’s stopping you from realising your ultimate potential – and introduce you to achievable strategies that will help you become a better version of yourself.

To make sure I deliver outstanding support to my clients, I only ever work with 12 clients at any one time.


I can help you

  • Gain up to 3 extra hours, every single day
  • Access all-day-long energy
  • Grow your business without neglecting your health
  • Become a better partner, parent and friend
  • Shape up so you’re shining with confidence


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I am an experienced, Essex-based health and performance coach who specialises in transforming the lives of burnt-out Senior Executives.

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